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About MVC

Maxivolt Corporation (MVC) exclusively manufactures specialized surge protective devices.  Maxivolt products are hand made with pride in Amarillo, Texas, USA and are designed to be safe without compromising performance.

MVC provides value-added services tailored to meet the specific needs of its clients.  Technical Specialists work with clients to develop customized surge protection solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Maxivolt is Serious Surge Protection.

Mission Statement

MVC’s mission is to continue to develop and provide safe and effective products and add value through specialized services that will improve the quality and address the needs of its clients’ electrical systems.

Vision Statement

MVC’s vision is to redefine the manufacturer’s role and become the leader in the power quality industry.

Core Values

MVC is committed to:

• safety, and considers it to be the metric in which it values itself.
• making its clients’ electrical systems better.
• utilizing logical and proven methods, creativity, innovation, and fiscal responsibility.
• operating with honesty, ethics, open accountability, and integrity.
• possessing the necessary knowledge, skills, tools, and resources.
• wisely investing in and being good stewards of its resources.
• creating and fostering loyal and enthusiastic clients, team members, and stakeholders.