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How to Buy

Maxivolt sells product through a network of Authorized Distributors.  In areas where distribution is not available, Maxivolt sells directly to wholesalers and clients.

Maxivolt insists on providing the best surge protection solution for every client.  Application and installation are critical to the performance of the surge protective device.  For this reason, we highly recommend prospective clients to discuss their surge protection goals with an Application Specialist.  A Maxivolt Application Specialist will listen to the prospect’s needs and make recommendations based on the specific electrical system and goals of the prospective client.

To get the safest, most reliable surge protection for your needs, please follow the steps below.

1.  Contact Maxivolt.

2.  Based on your electrical system and your surge protection goals we will make an appropriate recommendation.

3.  We will then have a local Authorized Distributor quote the appropriate device, or in cases where distribution is not available, quote you directly.

4.  Purchase product and schedule installation by a licensed electrician.

Maxivolt the
the GuardDog® series
Maxivolt the MV
the MV series
Maxivolt the ICP
the ICP series
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the WS series

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